Broadbandy is a connected media platform that allows connected TV and digital world to merge into an ecosystem full of innovative high-impact formats and targeting data. Thanks to this platform broadcasters are able to syndicate their premium contents cross device: on TV, websites, mobile web.


TV becomes interactive, viewers dive into the world of interactivity, explore new contents in addition to those presented by the linear channel, and increase brand engagement.


The viewer benefits from contextualized and targeted advertising of the video contents (long video contents for catch up TV).


Digital has been enriched with premium contents that can be used on mobile and desktop devices in order to enhance the user experience with contents on third-party sites and interactive formats reflecting TV formats.

How does it work?

Broadbandy allows intercepting millions of users on connected and digital TVs.
Contextual targeting of the content, the broadcasting and/or its genre.
Advanced audience-profiling system therefore also targeting on socio-demographic and interests.